Best Event Management Software 2018

Posted by: | Posted on: June 20, 2017

Determining the best event management software of 2018 can be a difficult task, as the final analysis report of different software’s will be generated at the end of this year. Several factors are involved in deciding the best event management software and some of the aspects that need to be considered are mentioned below:




  1. Determine the special tool that the software has to offer which makes it different and unique from its competitors.
  2. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all the software’s and weigh in terms of the maximum number of strengths software has and how the people who have used the software have responded to it. Customer feedback can be helpful in such scenarios where the best event management software is to be decided.
  3. The software’s should be mobile-friendly which means that the software’s can be accessed via mobiles of different brands and not only iPhones.
  4. The demo that has been designed to help the user of the software should be reviewed. The panel that is deciding the best software should determine that whether the demo was elaborate enough to help people get the basic idea of how particular software operates.

However, here is a list of best event management softwares of all times. They are the organizers favorite mainly because of the extra advanced features that they offer.

Google Drive


Google Drive is one of the most famous software’s that is used by many. It helps people in organizing information related to events or different projects easily without the hassle of syncing the files with any other software before you start to work on Google Drive.



Asana is another event management software that is very strong and professional when it comes to managing a project, they can help companies to create a communication board that highlights all the necessary information related to an event and the customers that are dealing in organizing that event.



People who love Excel and know how it operates would love the concept of the smart sheet as it is similar to Excel and the way it is designed. It offers live collaboration features along with different kinds of communication tools that can be used to align the customer information properly.



Basecamp is another very famous event management software that offers the features of tracking the progress of a task. The communication tools allow all the information to be integrated into one single whole or unit hence the information can be accessed and compared easily with one another.

All Seated



People who are planning big events like weddings, concerts etc., and can take help from all seated software. The software allows people to design and plan everything in advance. The software has a feature of deciding how the seats would be arranged along with the guests that are coming. It also helps in determining that what kind of design would be evident on the floor of the hall where the event is taking place. It can help the customers get an overview of how their event would look like and what kind of services and features are being offered in that particular event.

In conclusion, the software’s should make sure that they fulfill the purpose for which they have been designed for and i.e. customers ease and satisfaction. The software makes sure that all the important information related to the customers, bookings, and events are stored properly and securely.

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